Enhance Your Home or Office

with Big Bold Artwork

Transform your home or office with modern, contemporary original abstract art.

Our artworks can be hung in portrait or landscape, and some can be displayed as a set or separately

to create unique staging options.

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Large Artwork - we have an extensive range of big, bold art to choose from!

Large is defined as artwork with a side greater than 1 metre and no side 0.76m or less.

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Medium/Small Artworks Available for Rental

(Defined as any Artwork with both sides 1 metre or less, or if it has one side 0.76m or less).

NB: Artworks that form part of a Series may be repeated, to showcase how each piece works together either as a pair, a 3 set, or a four-set, (if applicable).

You can also hire artwork from a series individually. Each artwork counts as 1 piece.

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