Terms and Conditions*

  • The Hirer agrees to pay in full all Hire fees, delivery charges, and any Late fees (if applicable) for the duration of the hire period until the Artwork(s) are returned to Art Hire Perth.
  • Hire fees must be paid in advance each month.
  • After the first month (plus any week(s) free with our compliments depending on the package chosen), Art Rental Hire fees for home staging are calculated on a pro-rata basis based on a 28-day cycle, for each day until Artwork(s) are available to be collected.
  • Commercial art hires are based on a monthly rental cycle.
  • If any Hire fees due to Art Hire Perth are not paid within 48 hours, the Hirer agrees that Art Hire Perth may charge a Late Fee of $75.
  • The Hirer must take all reasonable steps to protect the Artwork(s) from theft, seizure, loss, or damage. Under no circumstances are any Artwork(s) to be left outside.
  • The Hirer agrees to pay the full Art Hire fee for the Artworks and associated delivery fees prior to the commencement of the Art Hire period.
  • The Hirer agrees to pay for any damage to or loss of, the Artworks during the Art Hire period, up to the full retail value of the Artwork.
  • The Hirer agrees to allow Art Hire Perth (or our nominated person) access to the nominated property to remove the Artworks at the conclusion of the Art Hire period.
  • Artworks always remain the property of Art Hire Perth.
  • Large is defined as an Artwork with any side greater than 1 metre, and no side 0.76m or less.
  • Medium/Small is defined as an Artwork with both sides of 1 metre or less, or an Artwork with one side of 0.76m or less.

*Please read your specific Terms & Conditions ('T&Cs') provided with your Art Hire Perth proposal and documentation. Should there be any inconsistencies between these T&Cs and your specific T&Cs, the latter will apply.

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